There isn’t one and that is not how the device works. As the one that invented it I would know. The original device was intended to deter mosquitoes and for them and them alone there is very specific frequencies that are required.
The type of instrument you’re miking and the sound you’re going for will tell you whether you need the frequency response of a condenser mic or a dynamic mic. Vocals – Singing or Speaking Some top singers use relatively inexpensive dynamic mics such as the iconic Shure SM58, rather than condenser models, because the dynamic mic gives them ...
High pitch ultrasonic sound machines; Secret blends sold by reputable retailers! Many people want a squirrel repellent for the attic, because that's the most common area of squirrel problems. Removing squirrels from the attic is a difficult project, and usually involves a nest of baby squirrels.
Feb 05, 2020 · 1 Title: Modifying the adult rat tonotopic map with sound exposure produces frequency 2 discrimination deficits that are recovered with training 3 4 Abbreviated Title: Modifying the tonotopic map with sound exposure 5 6 Classification: Biological Sciences/Neuroscience 7 8 Authors: 9 Maryse E. Thomas (1,2) 10 Conor P. Lane (1,2)