Our Mission. The Assemblies of God is committed to fulfilling a four-fold mission. Its primary reason for being is: Evangelize the lost. Worship God. Disciple believers. Show compassion. Assemblies of God core values. We are committed to the following core values . Click on the links below to view a video on each core value.
Welcome to The Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa! AFM stands for “Apostolic Faith Mission” (in Afrikaans: “AGS – Apostoliese Geloofsending“).The AFM exists since 1908 and is the first and largest Pentecostal church in the country – with 1.4 million members in SA and currently established in 29 countries of the world.
Once you've connected with God, and once you've gotten on a mission, you can't help but begin to live in community. Community isn't something you find by looking for it, it's the result of looking for God and experiencing mission with other people.
We engage in the mission of God when we love Christ, serve others, and proclaim the gospel.