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Retro Gamer (Official). 25 February at 03:56. Right then, it's the big one - the great console war of the Nineties...! No fence-sitting - let us know which side you were on, and why it was clearly the right choice. Some replies will be printed in issue 205 of Retro Gamer.
Oct 10, 2016 · Even a quick glance at the home page for That Dragon, Cancer reveals the origins of the game. While originally a small-time endeavor, many donations through Kickstarter, a crowd funding website, allowed the game to achieve the style and recognition that we see today.
Rusted Warfare is an RTS inspired by classic real-time strategy games with modern tech. Built for Large Battles. Over 50 unique units with many upgrades; Optimised multi-core engine easily handles battles of 1000's of units. Experimental units for the big late-game battles; Infinite zoom to view and issue commands across the whole battlefield