+ Auto Farm Max Level +Tp DF/Chest +Infinite Geppo +Auto Update/Equip Tool. Get Script One Piece Awakening ... + Auto Farm Boss + Auto Quest Jotaro. Get Script.
Void is mentioned 2 times for Main Boss & Mini Boss. (In lower tier matchmaking war he perform good as a Main Boss and Higher tier matchmaking war he perform good as a Mini Boss not always but sometimes) VTD is not good defender, for defender diversity points purpose you can place him in war. Delete
One interesting feature of the quest series is the variety of moral choices the player has the opportunity to make during the second and third quests. These decisions affect which colour of Elite Void Knight armour the player receives at the end of the final quest.
“Papulatus Clock is an evil monster who hogs the Time Sphere and likes to steal the power of Ludibrium. With him around in the Clocktower, Ludibrium will never enjoy the peace and harmony they once had.” ― Unknown Papulatus, the lore boss of Ludus Lake, is located in Origin of Clocktower, which is in the deepest floor of the Clocktower. 1 Story 2 Battle Overview (Revamped) 3 Monster 3.1 ...