During compilation of my application I get the following message error: cuda.h no such file or directory This is when I compile my program with g++ 4.1.2 the file is a C++ file where I include cuda.h Before I build this program I first build a library that is holding my .cu files. This library is called libGPURayTrace.a this all works fine I’m working with CUDA 1.1 on Fedora Core 6 I have 2 ...
Re:ERROR "while getting interface flags: No such device" en airmon-ng en: Enero 04, 2014, 11:37:59 pm Pues como en la mayoría de los casos mi inmensa terquedad no me deja mantener los dedos quietos y hasta que al fin he logrado solucionar mi problema.
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command failed: No such device (-19) I tried to use iw to find if the interface supports AP/Master mode. But to my disbelieve, iw couldn't find hostapd interface, for that matter it can't also find the interface I'm using to run these commands through SSH. It makes no sense, on one side it can find the interface on another it can't.